Cherokee Park Ranch is 42 miles NW of the town of Fort Collins, Colorado. During the easy and pleasant one hour and forty-five minutes from the Denver International Airport you’ll climb from 5200 to 7200 feet.

Option #1

Rent a vehicle. The Denver International Airport has all of the major car rental agencies available. We suggest getting a quote from Expedia or Travelocity for the cheapest rates. If you’re the type that likes the freedom to explore on your own, a car rental is a must.

Option #2:

Super Shuttle. The Super Shuttle is a national company that will accept a charter trip from the baggage claim area at the Denver International Airport directly TO OUR RANCH. For quotes visit supershuttle.com and enter our name (Cherokee Park Ranch) and complete mailing address (436 Cherokee Hills Drive, Livermore, CO  80536) as your destination.

Option #3:

We offer a pick up at the Hilton Hotel (425 West Prospect Road, Ft. Collins, CO 80526) at 4 PM on your ARRIVING SATURDAY.

Our rates are ONE WAY:

  • $50/per person: 1-2 guests
  • $150/per family: 3-4 guests
  • +$25 per person for any additional guests

On your DEPARTING SATURDAY, our van leaves the ranch at 10 AM to have you at the Hilton Hotel in Ft. Collins at 11 AM to catch a shuttle or taxi back to the Denver International Airport.

**Should you choose option #3, you will be responsible for booking your transportation to/from the Hilton Hotel in Ft. Collins, CO. Two companies that we recommend are Green Ride and Super Shuttle. In order to serve our guests to the best of our ability, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to the above times for pickup/drop-offs. Should your flight be delayed in arriving or changed at the last minute to an earlier departure time, option #3 is no longer an option for you.


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