Work at CPR


We are pleased that you are interested in summer employment at our ranch. Cherokee Park Ranch dates back to the 1880’s and is considered one of the oldest ranches in Colorado. Cherokee Park Ranch is a great place to spend your summer. If you enjoy serving people, your time here will prove to be an invaluable experience.

Because Cherokee Park Ranch is a people business, we do not hire staff merely to get a job done. We are interested in staff who have a genuine love for others. Our staff is the key to our success in giving our guests an unforgettable vacation that they will remember for years.

Here are some personal qualities you should consider before applying:

  1. Do you love people?
  2. Do you love to work? Ranch work does not always fall into the typical 8-hour
    day category.
  3. Are you teachable?
  4. Are you flexible and willing to help out anywhere and anytime needed?
  5. Are you enthusiastic and excited about other people enjoying their vacation?
  6. Would you involve yourself in the basic ranch objective of making our guest’s stay at Cherokee Park Ranch a great experience?

You should also know that we do not tolerate the use of narcotics or illegal drugs and do not allow drinking under the age of 21. This is a State and Federal law.

We also expect certain standards regarding personal appearance and maintain a dress code.

Like any business, we expect certain things of our staff and have several guidelines. If you think you would be interested in being a part of our staff family and are willing to devote at least 3 months or more to the ranch and our special guests, please complete this application. It is vital that you list your past employment with names and up-to-date telephone numbers so we can speak with someone about your past work experience. Typically, we receive over 2000 applications for our 23 available spots of employment. If selected to work for us, there is something very special about you!

Our season begins at the first of June and our staff arrive a couple of weeks before to get to know our routine and learn their new job. It is also to get to know the unique group of staff that you will be working with for the summer. Staff bonding is as important as your knowledge of the job!