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Our 2024 Ranch Family

Meet the 2024 Ranch Family They are without a doubt the BEST part of Cherokee Park Ranch. They are who make this entire operation possible! Our staff works tirelessly to make sure every single [...]

Our 2023 Ranch Family

Meet the 2023 Ranch Family They are without a doubt the BEST part of Cherokee Park Ranch. They are who make this entire operation possible! Our staff works tirelessly to make sure every single [...]

Meet Our 2018 Ranch Family

Meet Our 2018 Ranch Family The best part about Cherokee Park Ranch is undeniably our staff. This group of wonderful, warm, and friendly individuals will make you feel like you are coming to visit [...]

It Aint Dead

This will be Chase Claburn's fourth summer working at Cherokee Park Ranch. He is currently in the process of writing his first novel, "Among the Trembling Pines." Chase has been working on a small farm [...]

Our Ranch Team

Meet the Team The best part of Cherokee Park Ranch is, without question, our staff. They will welcome you with big, outstretched arms and treat you like part of the family! We hire folks [...]

10 Perfect Presents for Horse Lovers

10 Perfect Presents for Horse Lovers: 10. All Those in Favor say "Nay" Sweatshirt 9. Pendleton - Celebrate the Horse blanket 8. Old Gringo - Yippee Ki Yay Boots 7. Hitched - Horse Hair [...]


Tradition By our talented wrangler: Chase Claburn Walking around in the evenings here, the sky ablaze in purple, red, and gold, you can feel the history in the place. A heritage that spans almost a [...]

Summer 2017 – Week Five

Summer 2017 - Week Five Week five was a good time!! The whole week was filled with great weather, lots of laughs, and a group of guests ready to have a fantastic time! We [...]

Summer 2017 – Week Four

Summer 2017 - Week Four Our fourth week left us with many new friends and tons of great memories! Our friends and return guests, the Perry family, joined us for another week of fun and [...]

Summer 2017 – Week Three

Summer 2017 - Week Three Thanks for a great third week! We had so much fun this week riding, rafting, boating, and lots of good fishin'! It was sweet to see several father/daughter vacations [...]

Summer 2017 – Week Two

Our second week of the 2017 season left our hearts full with many new friends! We helped the Wonder fam celebrate their anniversary, shared another special vacation with the Cogburn family (this time with [...]

Ranch Communion

One of our incredible guests wrote this moving piece about his experience at the ranch this summer. It perfectly captures the shyness almost everybody has when arriving at the ranch and just how quickly that melts away into [...]

Summer 2017 – Week one

Summer 2017 - Week One Our opening week was one for the books! The sun shined brightly all week long, the river roared powerfully, and the flowers and grass boasted bright colors. Our returning guests and [...]

It’s Like Going Home

Meet wrangler Chase. He has been a member of the Cherokee Park Ranch family for three years now. Chase wrote this just a few days before he arrived this summer and it really struck a chord with [...]

This place is for kids!

This Place is for Kids! "Our kids have voted: Cherokee Park Ranch is better than Disneyland!" - Martin, North Carolina At Cherokee Park Ranch, we warmly welcome children! In fact, we have an entire program on our [...]

Which Cherokee Park Ranch Horse Are You?

Which Cherokee Park Ranch Horse Are You? Cherokee Park Ranch has over 130 horses, each with their own unique personality! Ever wonder which one of our horses is most like you? Take our quiz [...]

Welcome Home to Cherokee Park Ranch

You open your eyes to the sliver of sun peering through your curtains that warmly hits your face. You stretch your legs and arms and in the distance you hear the chirping of birds [...]

25 Fun Facts About Cherokee Park Ranch

The ranch has 130 horses. 78 Quarter Horses, 19 Walking Horses, 10 Draft Horses, 6 Appaloosas, 4 Paints, 3 Thoroughbreds,  3 Mustangs, 3 Arabians, 2 Haflingers, 1 Miniature Pony, and 1 Miniature Mule. The producers of the [...]

A Buckskin Mustang & A Big Black Draft

Horses are incredible animals. They are intuitive, loving, intelligent, and spunky. A few years ago, we were able to witness a miracle performed right here on Cherokee Park Ranch that proved an example of [...]

A Cowboy Playlist

What could be better than a cowboy playlist to remind you of the Ranch? We couldn’t come up with anything so thought we’d put one together. Some of these are our favorite songs, some [...]

Name Those Horses!

We’re excited to be bringing two new horses to the ranch this spring to join our herd for our Summer 2016 Season! Over the years, we’ve had the chance to name a lot of [...]

Jeff Julian: The Man Behind the Camera

Behind every great picture we share of our beautiful home, Cherokee Park Ranch, is an incredible man. If you have vacationed with us in the last 20 years, you have had the pleasure of [...]

Growing Fodder At Chrokee Park Ranch

Everyone has heard the phrase, “Hay is for horses,” right? Well, here at Cherokee Park Ranch, “Fodder is for horses!” What? Among the many questions you might have now, the first is probably, “What [...]

Becoming A Dude Rancher

Almost every week I think I get asked, “How did you end up becoming a dude rancher?” I get this from not only our guests, but also from a lot of people I meet [...]

Meet the Herd

As a guest at our ranch, we will assign you a horse for your week’s stay based off your submitted horse information sheet. Each has has their own unique features and personality – as [...]


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