1. The ranch has 130 horses. 78 Quarter Horses, 19 Walking Horses, 10 Draft Horses, 6 Appaloosas, 4 Paints, 3 Thoroughbreds,  3 Mustangs, 3 Arabians, 2 Haflingers, 1 Miniature Pony, and 1 Miniature Mule.
  2. The producers of the famous movie, Seabiscuit, approached CPR with the desire of filming some of the scenes in our historic lodge. Unfortunately, the filming would have interfered with the summer season.
  3. During the late 1880’s it was a colorful stagecoach stop between Ft. Collins, CO and Laramie, WY. Incoming guests had to chance Indian confrontations and the rates were only $8.00 per week!
  4. In the last twenty years, 15 couples have met while working at CPR and got married!!
  5. Famous people, who have the means to travel anywhere on Earth, choose to come here and vacation. Even Alan Jackson brought his wife, Denise, and three girls here for a western vacation!
  6. The Prince family (Dickey & Christine and their children Thomas, Elise, Townsend, and Emeline), who currently own & operate the ranch, came as guests from 1992-1995 and eventually bought it in 1996. They call themselves, “The guests who never went away.”
  7. Goat Mountain used to be mined for the mineral, mica. Several mines are still visible today.
  8. The ranch has 9 dogs. 2 Basset Hounds, 2 Leopard Cur Hounds, 1 Stephens Cur Hound, 1 Mountain Cur Hound, 1 Red Heeler, 1 Bull Terrier, and 1 Mutt. Twinkie, Hostess, Trouble, Mayhem, Pups, Rip, Tuna, Kiwi & Jelly.
  9. The neighboring ranch, Trails End, used to be home to a wild west show and a zoo complete with buffalo, monkeys, mountain lions, and over 1400 other animals. The owner, Frank Miller even had a pet, beer drinkin’ bear named “Teddy.”
  10. For the first three summers of owning Cherokee Park Ranch, one woman and her four children took on the task of running the ranch. Christine is one tough cookie!
  11. Townsend Prince visited the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo when he was six years old and told his mother he was going to be a saddle bronc rider. Townsend just retired from the PRCA ranking as the 35th best Saddle Bronc Rider in the world.
  12. Regular viewing of Coyotes, Bald Eagles, Deer, Elk, Moose, Pronghorn, Black Bears, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Lions (in the winter), all occur here weekly.
  13. In 2005, Dickey was awarded teacher of the year from the University of Wyoming Family Practice Residency program in Cheyenne, WY.
  14. When Cherokee Park Ranch first opened it was called, “Saint Cloud Ranch.”
  15. Back in the day, there used to be an Elementary School house on the premises.
  16. For ten years, Cherokee Park Ranch was owned by a local church in Fort Collins and operated as a retreat.
  17. In 1996, Thomas Prince, the eldest of the Prince kids, caught a 26 inch Brown Trout in the river on the ranch.
  18. Christine was the third female president in the history of the Colorado Dude and Guest Ranch Association.
  19. Dickey grew up in Winchester, TN on a dairy farm.
  20. March 18th, 2003 the ranch experienced over six feet of snow with 12 foot snow drifts in certain areas.
  21.  The very first horse the Prince family ever raised is still on the ranch today. Her name is Apache!
  22. The Cherokee Park Ranch family is not together during the winter months so we celebrate “Christmas in July” with our entire staff, complete with a secret santa gift exchange and handmade ornaments.
  23. While digging out a foundation of one of our cabins, under 6 feet of dirt was a small piece of old wood with the word “Princess” painted on it. Yet again, another sign that confirms the Prince family was meant to own this ranch.
  24. Cherokee Park Ranch is located in Livermore, Colorado. The name of the town came from the first two prospectors working in the area. Liver and More built the first building in town, a small log cabin.
  25. We are a family run operation and we live on our ranch year round! The ranch is home and our life and we love sharing it with you!


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