Boots are such an important aspect for riding horses. Without the proper footwear, your riding experience could quickly turn into an uncomfortable and even dangerous one. Wearing cowboy boots will protect your shins from the stirrup rubbing, it allows for the proper placement of your foot in the stirrup, it offers more protection of your foot should you accidentally get stepped on, and many more benefits for horseback riding! Here is a brief history of the cowboy boot:

“Around 1870 some ingenious cowboy took his boots to a shoemaker and asked for a pointy toe so he could get his foot into the stirrup more easily; a taller shaft to protect his legs; and a bigger, thicker, underslung heel so his foot wouldn’t come out of the stirrup during the rough riding on the trails. The knee-high design protected his legs from the thorns of mesquite trees, barbed wire, snakes, and other dangers. The cowboy boots were pulled on with long mule-ear straps but were loose enough on the top so that they could be wiggled out of easily if the cowboy was hung up in the stirrup and needed to get out in a hurry.”

Now we don’t expect you to all rush out and purchase a new pair of cowboy boots just for your western ranch vacation at Cherokee Park Ranch…we expect you all to already have a pair in your closet! Cowboy boots are such a versatile style of footwear and can be worn with jeans, shorts, dresses, over your leggings, heck I even wore mine under my wedding dress! In my opinion, cowboy boots are considered the “Little Black Dress” of the dude ranch. If you have been considering buying a new pair for riding or for everyday use, consider some of these choices that are great for both riding and looking great!


The Laramies | $245 (GET THEM HERE)


Ladies Roper Black Beaded Aztec Boot | $255 (GET THEM HERE)


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Corral Ladies Red with Tall Top Fancy Stitch Snip Toe | $180 (GET THEM HERE)


Ariat Mens Rodeo Warrior Boot | $219 (GET THEM HERE)

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Ariat Mens Nighthawk Western Boot | $260 (GET THEM HERE)

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Tin Hall Smokin’ Hot Rod Cowboy Boots | $350 (GET THEM HERE)


Roper Mens Square Toe American Flag Boot | $209(GET THEM HERE)


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