As our 2014 season comes to an end, it is a very emotional time for all of the Cherokee Park Ranch staff members. Our season began in the middle of May when all of the staff arrived and began preparing for guests. I am always SO proud and impressed by the brave young adults that come to the ranch to work for the summer. They are truly the heart & soul of CPR and are what make it so incredibly special. We instantly form a bond with each other that makes it feel like we are just a family running a ranch together. Throughout the summer our other family members (our awesome guests) stop in and visit for a week at a time! We are so blessed to be able to call this a job! Each and every one of you that came to visit us has made an impact on us & will be a fond memory for the rest of our lives when we think back to our summer at Cherokee Park Ranch in 2014. We want to thank you ALL for joining us this summer and being so wonderful, generous, fun, kind, adventurous, thoughtful, & for becoming a part of our Cherokee Park Ranch family!! We sure hope you’ll think of us when planning a summer trip for 2015 because we will certainly be thinking of you!! We hope all your trails are happy and that our trails will meet up again soon!


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