By our talented wrangler: Chase Claburn

Walking around in the evenings here, the sky ablaze in purple, red, and gold, you can feel the history in the place. A heritage that spans almost a hundred and fifty years, to the days of the great Overland stage. The Lodge was just a humble stage stop on the way from Fort Collins to Laramie. You can almost hear the creaking and groaning of the coach as it pulls to a stop in front of the Lodge. The feeling of relief the passengers felt stepping down is echoed in each foot that hits that very ground after the long drive up 80c. Every smile extends back to the days when the ranch was just $3 a night. Each horse carries with it the legacy of hundreds that came before. A similar legacy is carried by each wrangler, one of pride, honor, resourcefulness, and an appreciation for the God given beauty that surrounds us here and the animals he has given into our care. Each member of this outfit brings with them over a century of hospitality. There’s genuine care in each smile and a sincerity in every, “Have a good day,” and, “How are you?” There’s no place like it. The Prince family commits themselves fully to the perpetuation of that western tradition. Here that tradition means something. In places like this it lives on. To me and many more, the spirit is alive and well here at Cherokee Park Ranch.