You open your eyes to the sliver of sun peering through your curtains that warmly hits your face. You stretch your legs and arms and in the distance you hear the chirping of birds and the soft sounds of water rushing down the Cache La Poudre river nearby. You open the door to your cabin and step outside with your bare feet on the soft wooden porch. As you sit down on the porch swing and gently use your toes to swing back and forth, the sun illuminates the dew on the red flower basket hanging from the porch. Dust rises from the corral and the faint sounds of the wranglers speaking gently to the horses can be heard. Wheel barrows squeak as scoops of sweet grain get poured into buckets. The horses nicker, knowing their about to be fed. Every now and then a donkey bray is heard echoing off the Rocky Mountains. Soon a smiling face comes walking towards you with a steaming pot of coffee. You drink your coffee on the porch watching as a bright day unfolds in front of you. The smell of bacon wafts past you and with that, several basset hounds come bounding down towards the lodge, ears flapping. Two little girls clomp down the dirt road in their red fringe cowgirl boots, both with toothless smiles smeared across their face. They grab ahold of the fraying old rope and pull down as the metal bell rocks slowly to the side letting out a deep, echoing “bong” as it has done without fail the last 80 years. The day has begun, welcome home to Cherokee Park Ranch.


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